Benefits of Teak Wood: Why You Should Have Teak in Your Home

When it comes to bath and outdoor furniture, teak wood is the gold standard. From its many uses to its luxurious looks, teak wood is unmatched in quality and appearance. Additionally, it simultaneously offers a variety of benefits to those who choose it for their bath and outdoor furniture needs.

DURABILITY. Teak is one of the most durable wood species available for commercial use. It is exceptionally strong and can last for generations in a wide variety of climates thanks to its high-density rubber content, which leaves it impervious to rain, weather, and pests. It's highly resistant to rot, does not warp or crack even if exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, and weather conditions— and it ages well and beautifully.

LOW MAINTENANCE. Teak requires little maintenance, making it ideal for homeowners with busy schedules. Unlike other woods, teak requires no sealant or staining; instead, it will develop a beautiful golden hue just by being exposed to sunlight over time. The only maintenance required is occasional cleaning with soap and water or a mild detergent mixed with water. Please do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean the teak, as they can damage its finish. Low maintenance means less time spent caring for your furniture and more time relaxing in the comfort of your own bath, spa or backyard!

SELF-REGULATING PRINCIPLE. As an all-natural product made from trees grown in tropical climates, teak will self-regulate its pH levels, meaning that it will not require any special treatment to maintain its long-lasting natural beauty. When exposed to water, teak naturally releases oils that make it more resistant to moisture damage while also preventing mold growth in humid conditions. Teak also self-regulates naturally with temperature. It won't get too hot in the sun or too cold in the shade—so it will always feel comfortable no matter where you place it.

SUSTAINABILITY AND LIFESPAN: Teak is known for being one of the most sustainable woods available today. To manufacture its products ARB Teak & Specialties exclusively uses legal wood sanctioned by the Indonesian Government and harvested at Perum Perhutani plantations. In these plantations, teak trees are grown specifically for furniture fabrication, following strict forest development plans and reforestation programs without harming other vegetation. Perum Perhutani plantation policies ensure that there will be plenty of teak trees available in the future so that we can enjoy this beautiful material for generations to come!

ARB Teak & Specialties uses the finest teak wood for its bath, spa, and patio furniture, with unyielding environmental conscience and ethics. Your body will appreciate the comfort and quality of our products by keeping you warm during a relaxing bath and shower or cool and fresh while enjoying your outdoors.

You'll love our products' earthy tones and the luxurious look and feel they bring to your bath, spa, and outdoor spaces!